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We appreciate your interest in our club. Please fill out the application form below.

Please read the instructions clearly before applying.

We offer three types of usage groups

  1. Professional Users
    Professional Users category is for cricketers who wish to play KNCB leagues. Usage fee for year 2019 is 210 Euros per annum.
    This category is subjected to further selection process upon application.
  2. Recreational Users
    Recreational Users category allows cricketers to book our ground when it’s available and play cricket. The usage fees is 30 Euros per annum in 2019. In order to ensure fair usage to all recreational users booking will be possible only a week in advance.
  3. Professional Grade Users
    Professional Grade Users can practice and attend net sessions with Professional Users  without being a part of the teams playing KNCB leagues for the club.The usage fees is 120 Euros per annum in 2019. In addition they can also book and use ground like recreational players.

Please read rules and regulation of the club in the main menu before submitting the application.

Applications will be accepted only upon the receipt of the payment to account number 
NL23 INGB 0008 5928 36 
Please use your email id in the description of payment.


GDPR Comliance: Data retainment

Your data received through this application may be used to contact you and for KNCB registration if applicable. The data of registered users will be maintained for a period of 3 months after a user leaves the club.