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  1. Article I. General 3
  2. Article II. Governing Authorities 3
  3. Article III. Donors and Members 3
  4. (a) Donors 3
  5. (b) Club Memberships 5
  6. (c) Voting 6
  7. Article IV. Termination 6
  8. Article V. Use of Club facilities 7
  9. Article VI. Financial Matters 7
  10. Article VII. Communication 7
  11. Article VIII. Committees 7
  12. (a) Technical Committee (TC) 7
  13. (b) Tournament committee (ToC) 8
  14. (c) Cash Verification Committee (CVC) 8
  15. (d) Internet and Website Committee (IWC) 8
  16. (e) Hospitality Committee (HC) 8
  17. (f) Members Administration Committee (MAC) 8
  18. (g) Activity Committee (AC) 8
  19. (h) Complaints Committee 8
  20. Article IX. Code of Conduct 9

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Bylaws of the club HTCECA




The bylaws are in Dutch Click Here for By Laws





High Tech Campus


High Tech Campus Eindhoven Cricket Association


Koninklijke Nederlandse Cricket Bond


Kamer van Koophandel


The club High Tech Campus(HTC) Eindhoven, Cricket Association here after referred as HTCECA must function within the rules and regulations imposed by this document.

These rules apply to every member, guests and donor.

This document contains additional rules and regulations of the HTCECA within the rights of the board entitled by our bylaws Ref[1].Article[18]. Once this document containing the rules and regulations is accepted by the GMM of the HTCECA, must not be changed or amended without a majority in following GMMs.

In the event of amendment to this document all previous versions of this document shall be maintained with dates and change history.

In the event of situations and conflicts not addressed within this document, the board reserve the rights to intervene and resolve.

Governing Authorities

The club HTCECA must function under the rules of KNCB for all competition related matters. HTCECA operates under the bylaws registered at KvK [Reg no: 7238355].

HTCECA must function under the rules of HTC for all the administration and facility usage related matters according to the contractual agreement.

Donors and Members

This article provides rules for adding and terminating members. The bylaws of HTCECA already cover these matters extensively, this article is an excerpt of the same. All the members, guests and donors must comply to the rules of membership of HTCECA enlisted in this article. In case of any conflict between rules in this document and HTCECA bylaws, the bylaws must be followed.

HTCECA reserves the right to allocate the ground availability to its users.

Recreational users and Professional users fall under the category of donors Ref[1].Article[6]


Recreational Users

Players who wish to be a part of the club and participate in regular training and internal club competition if any. A player can be given recreational user for a fee of 30 Euros per calendar year.

A recreational player can use the facilities of HTCECA based on its availability. The club will allocate maximum of two training slots per week for professional users & Sunday will be reserved for KNCB competition matches. There may also be some paid booking of the ground. If there is any free time after all the necessary allocations made by the HTCECA, recreational players can reserve the ground one week in advance in the website and use it.

If there are any conflicts in the booking, Board will interfere and resolve.

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Professional Grade Users

Players who wish to play practice with professional users can become professional grade users for a fee of 120 Euros for one calendar year. Professional grade users can practice only with professional users in the determined weekly training slots. Additionally, they can book one slot per week based on the ground on availability to practice themselves. The booking is allowed only two weeks in advance for users in this category.

Professional Grade Users must perform at least one task for the well-being of the club. For example, setting-up the nets, volunteering clinics, etc. Professional grade users will be limited to 10 players per calendar year.

The fee of professional grade usage shall be changed based on club expenses during the GMM with a majority of votes.

Professional Users

Players who wish to play KNCB competition can become professional users for a fee of 210 Euros for one calendar year. Competition teams are decided on several factors depending on how many users/players do we have in a calendar year and how many teams can be formed.

The level in which the players will be placed is decided by the technical committee. The board shall intervene in conflicts raised by professional users and in that case the decision of the board will be final.

The fee of professional usage shall be changed based on expenses of HTCECA during the GMM with a majority of votes.

Selection process

The professional users must be selected from a just and transparent process.

  • A professional user must apply by filling in a form and paying usage fee at least before two months of scheduled KNCB league start date.
  • All the applicants go through a common training/practice session organized by the technical committee(TC).
  • TC will come-up with strategies such as, but not limited to:
    • Metrics and strategy to select the applicants and place them in respective levels. Metrics will be based on several attributes namely Discipline, Punctuality, Commitment, Conduct and Talent.
    • Strategy to switch/swap players between teams within HTCECA
    • Protocol to retrospect the team mood and competition status with captains
    • Protocol to retrospect selection strategies with captains in regular interval
    • Strategy to nominate players for Captain, Vice-Captain and stand-in captain
  • Applicants who do not get selected will get their application fee back. Hence a refund of 210 Euros will be made in three months after team selection announcement.
  • Each team must contain at least 18 Players and at most 25 because the KNCB league lasts over months and availability of the players will be crucial considering possible summer vacations and injuries. The rules of KNCB also impose these requirements.

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  • The selected captain, vice-captain and stand-by must ensure that at least one of them is available for all the matches. In an unlikely event where none of the them are available TC will appoint a captain for that particular match.
  • The selected captain will be responsible for playing 13 per match. The playing 11 will be announced during the match and it is expected the 12th and 13th man to support the team until the end of match. In case, if the 12th and 13th man fails to support, they will be suspended for their next three available matches.
  • It is expected from the captain to have a fair selection strategy based on the protocol of TC. In case of misuse of captain’s responsibility a complaint must be registered with the complaints committee and the matter will be resolved by the board. A recall of voting may be exercised if the board is convinced about misuse of leadership.
  • In the KNCB league, if a team wins the league it can get promoted to the next level.
    In HTCECA, it is not guaranteed that all the players will be automatically get selected to the next level in the subsequent years. A player must go through the selection process which is organized by technical committee every year .

An exception to this rule is the year 2019, where the club’s players are transferred from another cricket club (MOP). We have an obligation towards KNCB to keep the team intact. Even in this case TC will continuously monitor the performance of players and may shuffle players between teams to make sure that the players get a fair chance to play at the deserved level.

Club Memberships

The HTCECA board can add additional members to the club, according to the bylaws Ref[1].Article[3].
The member must be added by a majority of votes within the board members. If the board decides not to add a member, then the decision must be made at a GMM. GMM has the power to overrule the decision of the board.

Selection Process

  • A professional user will be eligible for club membership after 2 consecutive years at the club as a professional user. Rationale: Being a member has its rights(voting) and duties (helping the club grow). To understand and act in such a capacity, we the founding members believe it’s important for professional users to gain experience in various matters of the club.
  • A professional user must have been a part of at least one of the committees for a year. Ref[1].Article[6]
  • A professional user must have attended at least two GMMs.
  • The founding members believe that the primary focus of the club is to play professional cricket, especially KNCB leagues. Hence, we trust that the professional users are better suited for the membership.

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  • If no professional user is eligible for membership and the minimum number of board members required by the law is not met, then the board may appoint a suitable candidate from the available professional users.

Based on the eligibility, a professional user can apply for membership which will be decided upon by the board and/or GMM.

Honorary Members

GMM can decide to provide honorary membership to players based on their long-term commitment and contributions to the club. For example,

  • The player has been part of the club for the past 10 years
  • The player has actively contributed to the club activities


Professional users and recreational users have the right to attend the GMMs, but do not have the right to vote at the GMM unless they are signed and accepted as a club member by the Board or the GMM.

Voting rights for members are covered in our bylaws. Every major decision concerning the club as mentioned below but not limited to should be decided by voting in GMM.

  • Usage of ground.
  • Fees
  • Number of competition teams
  • All financial decisions except regular club expenses.

Every member of the HTCECA has the right to vote at the GMM. In case of a tie in votes, the majority of the board votes break the tie. That is why it’s important to maintain odd number of board members.

If a member is unable to attend the GMM he can give his power of voting to another member of the club by informing the board about this decision by email. A member can have a maximum of two votes including his own.

There must be at least one GMM every year, the board must inform every member at least two weeks before the planned date.


The rules for termination for club members must strictly abide by our bylaws Ref[1].Article[5], as this could have legal implications.
The rules of termination of club members shall also be applied to donors of the club.

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Use of Club facilities

HTCECA and HTC together schedule ground availability for cricket before the start of every year. There are other sports activities that take place at the HTC ground. The available time for cricket shall be organized by HTCECA.
Fair policy usage:

  • Highest priority must be given to the KNCB competition
    (at least – 1 Match day at weekend and 1 practice session during the week per team)
  • Recreational players must be given at least 3 hours of practice/match time per week
  • Third party users (non-members and non-donors of HTCECA) can rent the ground for 10 Euros/hour maintenance fee.

This fee must be directly deposited to the account of HTCECA. This fee shall be changed by GMM or the board alone.

Financial Matters

  • Every financial transaction must be documented and to be presented to cash committee 4 weeks before GMM.
  • Every expense reimbursed must have a documental evidence, and approval from the board.
  • Budget estimations must be presented to the members in GMM or a separate meeting before the start of every year.
  • Budget realization must be presented to the members in GMM or a separate meeting before the end of every year


The communication matters of the HTCECA must be handled by the board, no member unless authorized by the board, must indulge in such communications related to the HTCECA.


A member who wishes to be a part of a committee must self-nominate during GMM and the board has the power to appoint the person in the committee. Members who wish to leave a committee must be discharged of their duty by the board.

A committee shall contain a minimum of 2 member and maximum of 5. All the committees will be supervised by a dedicated board member (COO- Chief of Operations)

Committees are responsible for the following tasks

Technical Committee (TC)

  • KNCB league score update
  • Updating player information at KNCB
  • Organize training/practice sessions
  • Team selection and captain nomination for KNCB league along with the board
  • Team clothing

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Tournament committee (ToC)

  • Coordinate association or members who wish to organize cricket tournaments at HTCECA
  • Make sure that the tournament does not lead to destruction of club or HTC’s properties
  • Make sure tournament follows dedicated schedule
  • The ToC must have at least three members, chairman, treasurer and secretary to look after tournament related tasks.

Cash Verification Committee (CVC)

  • Verify that every money transaction is documented and justified
  • Coordinate with treasurer and verify budget realization before GMM

Internet and Website Committee (IWC)

  • Update and Maintain domain, website, twitter and Facebook page.

Hospitality Committee (HC)

  • Communicate with opponent teams in KNCB league
  • Schedule matches in coordination with TC
  • Arrange food, drinks, coordinate with food arrangement committee of HTC etc. during KNCB matches.
  • Act as a contact point for other clubs for practice matches

Members Administration Committee (MAC)

  • Create membership forms
  • Coordinate and make sure that member has paid his fee with the help of Treasurer
  • Maintain a list of members for each calendar year with their contact details
  • Keep an eye out for non-members using club facilities

Activity Committee (AC)

  • Organize activities involving club members
  • Team bonding activities
  • Organize celebration events

Complaints Committee

Any feedback, comments and compliments must be handled by this committee.
The board shall be notified in case of conflicts.

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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Cricket Club members, users and guests of HTCECA

Members, users and guests of HTCECA are required to abide by the provisions of this Code of Conduct and any subsequent updates as may be in force from time to time, and by their presence on club premises or at club events or activities are deemed to have accepted and to abide by the provisions of this Code and any other relevant Codes of Conduct, Rules or Regulations the Club has adopted.

All members, users and guests of HTCECA (referred to Club in this document) will:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person within the context of Cricket.
  • Treat everyone equally and not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality, color, parental or marital status, religious belief, class or social background, sexual preference or political belief.
  • Not condone, or allow to go unchallenged, any form of discrimination if witnessed.
  • Display high standards of behavior.
  • Promote the positive aspects of Cricket e.g. fair play.
  • Encourage all participants to learn the Laws and rules and play within them, respecting the decisions of match officials.
  • Actively discourage unfair play, rule violations and arguing with match officials.
  • Recognize good performance not just match results.
  • Place the well-being and safety of children/juniors above the development of performance.
  • Ensure that activities are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual.
  • Respect children’s/junior’s opinions when making decisions about their participation in Cricket.
  • Not smoke, drink or use banned substances whilst actively working with children in the Club. Not provide children with alcohol when they are under the care of the Club.
  • Report any concerns in relation to a child, following reporting procedures laid down by the KNCB.
  • Always work in an open environment (i.e. avoid private or unobserved situations and encourage an open environment).
  • Inform players and parents of the requirements of Cricket.
  • Develop an appropriate working relationship with young players, based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Ensure that physical contact is appropriate and necessary and is carried out within recommended guidelines with the young player’s full consent and approval.
  • Not engage in any form of sexually related contact with a young player. This is strictly forbidden as is sexual innuendo, flirting or inappropriate gestures and terms.

If a breach of the provisions or principles of this code occurs or is reasonably suspected to have occurred the HTCECA reserves the right to take such action as it deems appropriate, including but not limited to asking the person responsible for the breach to leave the HTCECA premises. Any disciplinary or complaint hearings in connection with a breach of these rules shall be dealt with in accordance with the disciplinary procedure as set out in the HTCECA constitution or Cricket Regulations as may be amended from time to time.

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